TO MENU

        Bri let me know how much having me photograph her and Jace’s wedding meant to her from the very start and I felt that the entire way through. They are the type of people that really love their people well. Like, make you feel like you are family, LYLAS type love. We started out as your typical client/photographer relationship and by the time of the wedding day you could say Bri and I had a mutual obsession with each other (still kinda do if I’m being honest).

        As I was looking back through their gallery I couldn’t help but crack up because as you’ll see in this post, they held nothing back. Their reception is in my top 3 mosssst lit receptions. I couldn’t help but partake in their craziness when they extended the invite to set my camera aside and just party with them (you’ll see me in a few shots below thanks to a few persuasive guests). This is one for the books.

        oh hey, it me.

        I’m pretty excited you’re here. I still get giddy when I post on here so take your time and really soak up every word and image I’ve thoughtfully published. Who knows maybe your life event will be up here next.