with me, you get:


"I do." Two tiny words with BIG meaning. Everyone you love is around you and yet it's all about you and your boo. Holy smokes, what a treasure.

You want to remember those two words but more than that...you want to remember the way you excitedly giggled when you heard them, the way their eyes shimmered as they said them, the way your loved ones looked at each other as you exchanged them.

You want to remember every part of the moment you agreed to be his "ride or die."

We'll make sure you (and everyone else) remembers it all.

Fun engagements

Engagements allow you to get comfortable in front of the camera and get images that capture your story and personalities. We'll start with a meaningful location. Then we'll spice it up with a little music and perhaps a cocktail (if that’s your jam.)

Timeline creation

You want a day that runs smoothly and doesn't feel rushed. A day where you are both able to absorb, pause and reflect. That's why I'll design a photography timeline that brings peace to the day and captures all the important moments while leaving space for spontaneity.

Fast turnaround

You don't want to wait an eternity to relive every moment. After all, you already waited long enough to find each other. That's why I'll send you a "sneakshow", online gallery and print release of all images within 1 month of your big day.

Real feels captured

Because it all goes by in a flash, I'll use my photographs to pause time. I'll capture the traditional portraits and poses, sure. But more than that, you'll get moments as they unfovld and the images that make y'all, y'all.

Timeless editing

You want to remember this day the way the good Lord intended. Not with bad skin tones or overly yellow filters. Ick. That's why I'll be sure to capture and edit the day in colors and style that are true-to-this-world.

Efficient & fun

I'll help you prioritize what's important, allow you room to be yourselves and celebrate hard right alongside you. And if you need someone to wrangle your crazy cousins so you can get on to the reception, I'll gladly take the reins.

Straight talk

Weddings are stressful enough - you don't need misinformation or confusing “industry slang” to further complicate things. That's why I'm a straight shooter (pun intended). With me, you can cut right to the chase. And I'll do the same.

Reliable gear

These moments are too precious to risk on crummy gear or poor training. That's why I stay up-to-date on techniques and equipment that allows me to be confident in my work, quick on my feet, and give you damn good images to boot.


Kristen captured moments I forgot happened. She captured moments where I thought no one was looking. I felt like I was reliving my wedding night through those pictures.

-Courtney + Taylor