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        Trust and love are a perfect recipe for just about anything in life.

        Problem is when it comes to being photographed, trust and love don’t exactly come to mind. In fact, you doubt it can be anything but awkward. It isn’t exactly “normal” to have someone watch you hug for a picture. Right?!

        Everyone on IG looks so chill. Or romantic. Or carefree. Or just not you guys.

        You two are goofy. Fun. Quirky. 

        And you secretly wonder if you’re “cool enough”  to get pictures like those.

        Hey! You. Yes, you.

        Just focus on the love part. The cool part - we'll tackle that together. Ok? Besides, my guess is you’re way cooler than you think.

        So...now that we've got that out of the way, allow me to introduce myself:

        I'm Kristen - it’s reeeal nice to meet you.

        I’ve been photographing people for almost a decade and let’s get real for a minute.

        Every person (yep, every. single. one.) starts out just like you – all nerves and uncomfortable laughter.

        My job is to bring the fun and capture you guys in an honest and beautiful way. So, stop worrying about looking perfect. Instead, you do you. Down?

        It’s amazing what can happen when you just let go.

        A trusting couple is not something I take for granted.

        I know you’re a little unsure of what to anticipate. Maybe you haven’t had the best experience searching for a photographer so far. 

        But I’ve got your back, and I’ll work to eliminate any stress possible. Starting now:

        “Kristen, directly and with care, took us through the process of securing her as a vendor. She helped us understand what to expect without giving us “information overload.” She simply was on ‘POINT.’ ” – LaToya + Earl

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        August 4, 2020

        Elegant Fall Micro-Wedding at Il Mercato | New Orleans, LA

        July 29, 2020

        A Classic New Orleans Wedding at Cavan

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