Fun + upbeat

Sometimes children just need to be children - to let their little souls shine. I'll play music & dance with them - or maybe we'll break out a board game. Whatever it takes to bring out a little laughter, I'm down for it. In turn, you'll get images that just capture your kids' natural, fun, upbeat approach to life.

Homestyle comfort

You see chaos. I see care. You see clutter. I see connection. I'll photograph the love that is evident in your family unit. In the place where you're most relaxed. In the place where you're you. You may only see crazy now - but I see it differently and soon so will you.

Tender moments

Right now, these moments seem a dime a dozen. But soon they'll be a fleeting memory. They're the moments you're going to think back on and ache for. Allow me to freeze these small moments in time with my camera so you can remember them forever.