Erin + Josh’s Edgy Louisiana Brunch Wedding

July 26, 2017

To the sweet sounds of the bayou
Let it wash right over me

It was an early Louisiana morning. I got up around 5 a.m. to be exact. As I was driving through the swampy area I couldn’t help but think “Wow this IS Louisiana.” Like straight up what you would see in a movie depicting this unique state. I also thought, I really hope I don’t break down because this would be a perfect murder movie scene considering I was surrounded by fog and swamp on a gravel road. It was the perfect place for Erin and Josh’s Cajun brunch wedding.

There were donuts, coffee, chicken and waffles, and PIZZA. They know the way to this girl’s heart. You would think based off my description of a Louisiana styled wedding, they would have more of a shabby-chic and rustic style. But boy would you be wrong. These babes are rock stars with total edge and eclecticism. I loved that Erin had a gemstone choker and James wore a maroon velvet coat. It was perfection. And the best part was that it was totally them.

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