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        Let me guess...

        +You feel out of place in this process?

        +You wish people would just let you do you?

        +You want to give up on this whole planning thing?

        +You are ready to save money in creative ways?

        You’re not alone, sister. Let me help ya out.

        This is a guide to help you, the badass bride, shine like the badass you are.

        Kick the rules aside

        Don’t let the concerns and demands from the wedding industry put a damper on the party you’re ready to have. Who cares about seating charts and which flowers are in bloom. Let’s just get married, have a raging good time, and walk away with what matters most–your love and pictures to prove it. If you walk away with one thing from this guide, may it be that Drake and champagne are a must for getting to that special day.

        *Includes many practical steps to the rocking the planning process plus a planning checklist and budget worksheet.*


        made simple

        A budgeting chart made simple and easy to follow.

        Countless Tips

        At your fingertips.

        So many tips such as wedding etiquette, unexpected costs, and how to find the perfect vendors.


        You won't miss a thing.

        To help alleviate any stress on what's left to do in your planning, I've included a nifty little checklist.

        Here's what this bride thought

        If you’re a bad ass bride.. or even just consider yourself an ‘untraditional bride’ you need this guide from DAY 1! In an industry that is constantly telling you what to spend your money on, having someone tell you what NOT to spend your money on immediately had my attention. This book encourages and celebrates breaking tradition and walks you through how makes this day y’alls own. Believe me, I’ve read every knot and southern bride article out there and you won’t find information anywhere else.



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