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        When Taylor asked me to be Favour’s godmother, I didn’t..couldn’t anticipate the love that would grow for this little one. She is sassy. She is independent. She is beautiful. Three years have passed and she continues to amaze me with the wit and dance moves this little one can put out. She puts me to shame. The funny thing about a lot of these photos is that she posed herself. I did minimal directing. She is just that good.


        I can’t lie, I’m a bit jealous of this girls gorgeous hair.


        This is her “Beyonce” pose. We did not make this up. This was all her.favour3__97_blogstompedfavour3__68_blogstompedfavour3__23_blogstompedfavour3__20_blogstompedfavour3__18_blogstompedfavour3__138_blogstompedfavour3__130_blogstompedfavour3__99_blogstompedfavour3__104_blogstompedfavour3__33_blogstompedfavour3__70_blogstompedfavour3__182_blogstompedfavour3__28_blogstompedfavour3__47_blogstompedfavour3__14_blogstompedfavour3__174_blogstompedfavour3__108_blogstomped

        She has no idea just how cool she is. I mean just look at that little hip popped. favour3__114_blogstompedfavour3__156_blogstomped

        The one on the right is one of my favorites. Full of laughter, bouncing hair, and that gum. We went through a whole pack as bribes throughout the shoot. She has all of us wrapped around her little finger.favour3__188_blogstompedfavour3__7_blogstompedfavour3__11_blogstompedfavour3__94_blogstompedfavour3__118_blogstompedfavour3__95_blogstompedfavour3__87_blogstompedfavour3__85_blogstompedfavour3__171_blogstompedfavour3__39_blogstompedfavour3__185_blogstompedfavour3__176_blogstompedfavour3__128_blogstompedfavour3__105_blogstomped


        Work it baby girl!favour3__78_blogstompedfavour3__62_blogstompedfavour3__123_blogstompedfavour3__189_blogstompedfavour3__190_blogstomped

        Fav loves her Uncle Nash or as she calls him..boyfriend.

        oh hey, it me.

        I’m pretty excited you’re here. I still get giddy when I post on here so take your time and really soak up every word and image I’ve thoughtfully published. Who knows maybe your life event will be up here next.