TO MENU

        Here’s a cute video so you can see our personalities a little more. He keeps me young, fresh and ready to conquer the wedding world.


        Kristen and Conrad from John Kurt on Vimeo.


        Awkward moments give me great joy. Women like Kristin Wiig and Mindy Kaling are my jam. I have a poor imagination which means I can’t read anything sci-fi or fantasy. My most played Pandora station would be “rap 2014”. It’s ratchet, you’ve been warned. I am an adventure seeking homebody. You’re likely thinking “Kristen that makes zero sense” and I would say you’re right, I don’t make sense. The safety of home is comforting, but daydreaming a new adventure is exciting. Routine is where my body likes to be, while constantly seeking change is where my brain likes to be. I always start books but rarely finish them. I have come to critique the cake and DJ at every wedding I attend. I have a southern soul with a west coast style, but you can only tell I have an accent when it’s late in the day and my mouth is tired. I observe a lot and my brain is a little bit all over the place as you’ve probably already noticed. Let’s move on, shall we?

        i dig:


        + pattern mixing + hand-sketches + meat, all meat + messy hair + vintage mugs + people who smile with their entire face + bon iver + the smell of pine + singing in weird voices + tequila + club rap + cats

        i don’t dig:


        + private instagram accounts + small talk + vegan cheese + lame DJs + apple candles + strawberry flavoring + over-edited skin + cold feet + the electric slide + sex jokes + morning breath + spit + lizards +impulsive decisions