Rosy’s Jazz Hall New Orleans Wedding w/ Jesse + Emily

January 29, 2018

It was an adventure from the beginning with these two.

I just didn’t expect their day to have a little adventure of its own. From my car dying on the side of the road to coming across a nursery where the owner had a baby black goat, it was an adventure. Not that I would have necessarily wished my car would die while bringing the bride and groom to their ceremony. Or having to uber with them while making plans for the tow truck to meet my second shooter who was sitting with my very dead car.

But I’m glad it happened with the couple it did. They were so kind and gracious. Jesse hopped out of my car, took his jacket off, and waved down help. As I was standing there, mortified and confused. But ya know what? Sometimes life just happens. And when that life happens, you do your best and you move on. You eat that humble pie, and you like it.