TO MENU


        + Some photographers take beautiful pictures but never get to know you. Last time I checked, this was YOUR wedding, right?

        + Others have a couple of amazing images on Pinterest, but you can’t seem to find pictures from a real wedding. What’s that about?

        + And then there are the ones that just reply to your email with their price guide. Um, can we “date” before we get married!?

        You two are beautiful souls. You deserve to feel heard. You deserve to have someone take real interest in your day. I promise that if you choose to celebrate your love with me, I won’t take it for granted.

        After all, the way you love each other and the way you love your people is what inspires me to do this work. (Well, that and a little real crime podcast on the late night drives home.)

        You’re why I’m living the dream of my 17-year-old self: To be part of something big – without taking center stage. To be the tangible love of the Lord. To be His hands. To go above and beyond for the people in my life.

        And hopefully, that now includes you.


        Yep - that’s me. I hope my life and photographs reflect that. I'm easy going, corny...perhaps a bit goofy. I laugh easily and don't take myself too seriously.

        “Some people have the innate ability to connect with people and understand them even if you haven’t known them for long, and Kristen definitely has that.

        -Sarah + David

        “Her IG account and website really portray who she is as a person and professional photographer. On the BIG DAY, we didn’t get anything less than the Kristen we’ve been interacting with for months. She came earlier than expected and got right into things. She was flexible and was ready to go with the flow.”

        -LaToya + Earl

        “I am a wedding photographer myself so choosing the photographer for my own wedding was a very important decision for me. We just received our wedding gallery from Kristen and I just have to say that I don’t have enough wall space for how many photos we are in love with.”

        -Allie + Victor