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February 29, 2016


Gosh you guys, this has been a long time coming. My journey digging into my brand and voice began two Octobers ago at Andria Lindquist’s retreat. She pushed me to really figure out my voice–my style–my vibe. Like…who the heck am I as an artist?? I made a website change at that point. But it still wasn’t fully me and what I want, but it worked for the moment. When I went to Heck Yeah Photo Camp this past January- that’s when I knew I needed to just make the change I had been wanting. I was looking through several website avenues not really sure which one to take. I researched a little bit about Flothemes but the whole process seemed so overwhelming that I just shut it down completely. Lucky for me, Flothemes was a sponsor at the photo camp and was able to walk me through all my questions and concerns. As soon as I got home I bought that sucker and began the overhaul. They did all the hard work, it was amazing. I’m not gonna lie, when I got my site back initially I had a breakdown. It wasn’t what I wanted…I just spent so much money with the expectation that it would be perfect…holy crap what did I just do (the constant thought in my head). I sent them a panic email explaining my worry and they replied with a sweet “we are here for you, whatever you need we will do.” So we set out on weeks of tweaking, customizing, changing, coding (they are coding masters)–until I was 100% satisfied. I knew what I wanted I just needed help getting there.

So ta-da! We are here. I love it. My new home is responsive and beautiful. There are a few new add-ons I would like to walk you through. Get your walking shoes on people.


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1. Galleries

[/flo_one_half] [flo_one_half_last padding=”20px 20px 20px 20px” class=”” ] There are two new gallery spots in the menu bar titled “nuptials” and “lifestyle”. I was juggling the idea of having galleries and a blog for a while. I wasn’t quite sure the importance of having a gallery of selected images, but now I do. This is my best of best, favorite hand-picked images from weddings and lifestyle shoots. I’m so happy I have them now. It showcases what I like the best and what I try to aim for with each client. [/flo_one_half_last]

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2. Education

[/flo_one_half] [flo_one_half_last padding=”20px 20px 20px 20px” class=”” ] I’m now offering one-on-one mentoring. I’ve been wanting to for a while, so I just decided to jump on in it. I love teaching. I love talking. I love people. Let’s get to learning together. You can find more information under the “education” tab. Shoot me an email if you’re interested! [/flo_one_half_last]

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3. Stories

[/flo_one_half] [flo_one_half_last padding=”20px 20px 20px 20px” class=”” ] Formerly labeled “blog”. I did a lot of housecleaning here. As in I removed about 100 posts. Not because I didn’t like them anymore, but because they no longer reflected the style I’m moving forward with. I’m finally at a place where I’m inspired in my own work. That’s a hard place to find. I would hate for an older style of editing to get in the way of the clients I’m wanting to attract [/flo_one_half_last]

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4. Vibe

[/flo_one_half] [flo_one_half_last padding=”20px 20px 20px 20px” class=”” ] I now have a “my vibe” button in the sidebar of my blog. This is to help new clients really understand how I work and the type of client I loooveeeee. It’s necessary for my sanity. [/flo_one_half_last]