How to rock a wedding day.

April 28, 2016

So many different running parts go on during a wedding day. There’s no perfect recipe for a wedding, because there are different families, locations, and emotions involved. Even though you can’t through a perfect party (who would want to anyways), there are certain wedding day tips I can freely give to you to ensure that you have the best experience. I’ve been wanting to write this post for a while, but never got around to sitting down and taking care of it. So here it goes…my very honest opinion on my favorite and least favorite aspects of a wedding day.

My faves, whoop whoop

Prep time

Leah + Justin McMillin
I freaking love this time. There are nerves, anticipation, and giggles all around. It’s the time that I’m able to come in and check on you. Sit with you for a little minute before the photo brigade begins. It’s a slow, well-paced time. Often accompanied with pretty window light and fun live makeup tutorials that I often get sucked up in. Most prep times I’ve been a part of are awesome, but there have been a few disasters. Here is how to not make them a disaster.

Find a good prep area. Make sure there are lots of windows and a cool space that accompanies it. Hotels often make great spots. My personal favorite though is a super cool AirBNB or a private residence that has a little bit of meaning to it. Something else that can totally set this time array is lack of schedule following. Often times hair and makeup artists don’t know the timeline therefore they carry on at their own pace. Which as you can guess can really screw up the schedule. So brides, communicate the heck out of the time to them. Tell them earlier if necessary.

First look

annieayo_wedding__163 (1)

I mean, do I even need to explain it? This is the only quiet time you will get with your husband/bride on the day of. Sure you may get a little ten minute meal after the ceremony together but I guarantee you’ll be interrupted by eager family members, tipsy friends, and the wait staff that is serving you. A first look is amazing for a bajillion reasons that I often elaborate to my clients.

One way that you could totally make this go wrong is by doing something you’ve seen on Pinterest or something you’ve been told to do. This time is ONLY about you and your boo. Take it slow. Enjoy it. Don’t fake emotion and reactions. Also, just ignore us. Don’t feel like as soon as you look at each other and hug you have to be done. You haven’t seen each other all day so take the time to love one another and express your emotions!



This is the time where all the excitement overflows. It’s tedious and tiring, but also completely hilarious and energizing at the same time. We get to rest a little bit, finally use the bathroom, and cake. Yes, just cake. No elaboration needed. My second shooter and I love to crack up over all the crazy dance moves and finding the photo-booth props that always seem to pop up on the dance floor.

The negative side…your party can totally be killed if you and your boo just walk around and talk the whole time. When you get on the dance floor, the party gets on the dance floor. You set the tone and the attitude so HAVE FUN. Don’t get caught up in all the formalities.

Least favorite parts, womp womp



This is probably the most nerve-wrecking time for me, honestly. You guys are running towards me, people are jumping in and out of the frame, uncle Joe is just trying to get a really good shot when I trip over him. You name it. Throw alcohol and fire (sparklers) in there and you have a total crap show.

The best processionals/exits have occurred when it is either after the ceremony or as simple as possible. My favorites are the following: happy tunnel (your friend and family cheering you on as you leave) or confetti (bigger confetti works best). If you’re able I’d recommend doing it right after ceremony as leave the church or the aisle! You look your best, you haven’t been dancing and sweating and you’re super excited (que giant smiles).

Cake table


A friend of mine recently posted this article about it and I couldn’t agree more. Large wedding parties surrounding your beautiful, deliciously sweet cake (did I mention cake is bae?) is like a little bit crazy. Just think about it. By this time in the reception, your friends have been drinking, probably just finished dancing and now they are being called to try and fit at this little bitty table to smile with your cake. Not a picture I would want to frame.

A way to make it so much more beautiful is to make it just you and your boo. You can toast the night away when it’s the just the two of you and your family watching. It’s a lot easier to make sure two people have all their eyes open than 12+ people.

Family formals


Who wants to stay still and take pictures directly before all the real celebration starts. It’s often chaotic and overwhelming because everyone is buzzing around and not willing to be ac compliant towards a little barking photographer.

My best advice is to keep these simple. Immediate family only. The fewer people the better! OR do a first look and finish all the formal stuff before the ceremony. That options always rocks.

I hope this helps. As always feel free to email me with questions. If you are a client of mine, I am open to any and all help I can give to you. Just ask me!