A Sweet Sunrise Brunch Wedding in Seaside, Florida

April 16, 2020

Cotton candy skies. Waves slowly crashing on the shore. Salty breeze.

As you can see from the photos, this wedding started way before the sun came up, but the sunrise over the ceremony made it so worth it. It was such a sweet, calming experience which is not necessarily the normal feelings at a wedding. I love that Becca and Ryan set up their day to be that exact experience just by having it in Seaside. That alone sets the celebration up to be a fun, relaxing experience for everyone involved. Brunch weddings are so underrated!

Fun fact, all the decor and design at the reception was done by the bride’s cousins. Every last detail was thought through and special. I was especially amazed at the hand-cut tropical leaves they cut from paper. Check it out below!

Planning: Arden Sanders of It’s a Shore Thing