Rachelle & Beau | Lifestyle Portraits | Muir Woods

January 13, 2014

The last part of my vacation consisted of meeting up with these two fine folks.

I first met Rachelle early on in elementary school. We became best friends instantly. We used to pretend we had braces by molding paper clips, we love love love Lizzie McGuire, and we even bought our first Limited Too bras together. Our friendship paused when she had to move to California for her father’s job. We kept up as much as we could, then I visited her a year after she moved. Since then we have kept up through social media dreaming up of ways we could visit each other. I decided to make it happen. Spending the day with my roommates, Rachelle, and her handsome husband, Beau, was surreal. I couldn’t stop thanking the Lord for allowing us at such a young age to recognize lasting friendship. We took a trip to Muir Woods outside of San Francisco and there I snapped a few shots.

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