Nora & Steve | Elopement | New Orleans, LA

May 19, 2014

My heart skipped a beat when I first received Nora’s email. She stated that she was interested in me photographing her New Orleans elopement. They are from Tennessee so at first I was a little skeptical about how they heard of me and why it was so difficult to search for her on Facebook. You see, when I receive an email from someone I haven’t heard of before I tend to do a little stalking just to make sure they are real. The internet is trustworthy right?? Ha! Anyways, we chatted over emails and a phone call and it was all set! I was to photograph their small Jewish ceremony and their brunch at Antoine’s.

We met the night before for cocktails and it felt like we had been friends for years. The age gap was no where to be found. It was an easy and fun conversation. The next day I drove to the temple to photograph to people exchanging vows. What a fabulous day it was! The weather could not have been more perfect. They even let me sit down with them for a DELICIOUS meal at Antoine’s. They know the way to a southern photographer’s heart:)


I even let Steve drive Priss, my sassy Hyundai Sonata.