New Orleans French Quarter Elopement w/ Letty + Chaz

September 19, 2017

to remember,

I can see the joy and hear laughter Letty kept parading.

I  feel the cold crisp French Quarter air.

And see how the hazy overcast sky was that day, so typical of Louisiana in December.

There’s a random homeless man observing Chaz + Letty share their vows and tears in Jackson square.

And the foreign couple that deemed it necessary to take a selfie with the ceremony in the background.

I remind myself of the gentle gaze Chaz had when he looked at Letty. 

I recall the little moments I was able to admire between Chaz + Letty during dinner when no one was watching.

It’s these moments that resonate the most with me. The ones that make me question if I’m in a movie or not. These kinds of moments feel too good to be true. The deep sincerity and intimacy felt is a tough feeling to shake. I’ve buried it deep into my soul and it shines brightly on days that I question if what I’m doing is valued and understood, or even necessary. I remember that because of me, Chaz and Letty are able to admire their day from a different perspective. A perspective that doesn’t know any of the baggage they may have brought in or any previous words that may have been shared over the years. The only thing showcased is their deep love and admiration for each other. And that’s all that matters.