Liz + Jordan Downtown Wedding Teaser

February 12, 2017

A trusting pair is not something I take for granted.

I overheard Liz say several times “I trust Kristen, let her make the decisions.” several times throughout the day and while I love helping family members I treasure a trusting bride far more. Jordan and Liz allowed an hour for their first look and portraits. That is absolutely a decision you will not regret as a bride and groom. On top of an hour of portraits, there was also no wedding party to take into consideration. This didn’t mean there weren’t friends around celebrating with them. All her gal pals were there to get her dressed and cry tears of joy along the side of her. But as I heard her say regarding not having a bridal party, this just keeps the focus on us and our relationship (not word for word, but pretty close).

I’m done blabbing, let me show these babes off in the next forty images.

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