Baton Rouge In Home Family Shoot w/ the Crocketts

September 19, 2017

To have and to hold

The childhood photos that mean the most to me now as an adult are not the ones in a studio surrounded by stuffed animals and a smoke machine (even though my mom totally looks like an angel holding an angel bebe) or the ones of me standing my a fake backdrop refusing to smile (even though let’s be real they are super hilarious and cute), but rather the ones of my mom or dad rocking me in the living room. The images that my mom or dad captured in my childhood home doing everyday things. The ones so close up that you can just see my mom’s lips kissing my baby cheek. It seems so intimate that only a loved one could have captured it.

Those are the memories I strive to capture when allowed to photograph in your home. Whatever that looks like. Some days will be chaos, others will be bliss. I don’t walk in with an agenda or expectations, but only to capture what unfolds and to show you that your family is uniquely beautiful.